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TenaFe: TC2200 Main Control Chip Launched on Haier Raytheon Notebook

From Technology 2022-04-29

Whiplash, April 29 news, recently, Haier Raytheon launched a new gaming laptop, using the TenaFe SSD main control chip Merak TC2200. According to reports, TC2200 has been successfully mass-produced in major module factories in mainland China, and the project of internationally renowned module factories is progressing smoothly, and it is expected to be mass-produced in Q4; TenaFe plans to launch a new generation of PCIe GEN4 main control chip this year, with read and write performance reaching 7GB /s; For the data center field, TenaFe expects to launch PCIe GEN5 master controller next year, with read and write performance reaching 14G/s.

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