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TenaFe emerges from stealth mode to announce launch of industry leading PCIe Gen4 NVMe DRAMless SSD controller

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Introducing best-in-class power-performance efficient PCIe Gen4 NVMe DRAMless controller solution in custom (SDK) and full turnkey (FTK) offerings.


Mar 25, 2021   8:00 ET

CAMPBELL, Calif., March 25, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Solid State Storage controller startup TenaFe Inc. today announced the launch of their TC2200, a leading-edge 12nm PCIe 4.0 NVMe DRAMless solid-state drive (SSD) controller, featuring 4 NAND channels supporting up to 1600 MT/s per channel. TenaFe's founding team continues to bring innovative storage solutions to the market with an average of 15+ years of storage experience. The team's rich heritage in OEM and enterprise storage inspired the creation of a first of its kind failure analysis and prediction technology that will revolutionize the SSD qualification process, enabling customers to shorten qualification times and their platforms' overall time to market. TenaFe's transformative patented technology is targeted at OEM customers for client, data centers, and edge computing— offering the highest performance and most reliable SSD controller solutions while maintaining the best power and thermal efficiencies.

With this announcement, TenaFe is bringing to market a highly optimized DRAMless architecture, which will be well positioned to tackle key challenges for next-generation industry applications in the 5G and Internet of Things (IoT) era. As SSDs scale to multi-terabyte capacities, conventional SSD architecture that are dependent upon DRAM present challenges with respect to bill of material (BOM) costs, power consumption, thermals, and the increasing need to provide small form factor SSDs such as M.2 2230 and BGA. TenaFe's technology breaks through these barriers with its TC2200 DRAMless controller solution by offering impressive performance capabilities of up to 4.8GB/s at less than 4.0W active power with leverage of Host Memory Buffer (HMB) feature. The outstanding performance, combined with best-in-class power and thermal efficiencies, makes it ideal for devices such as ultra-portable laptops, gaming consoles, and edge computing platforms. In addition, TenaFe's TC2200 controller features FlexLDPC technology, a proprietary LDPC error correction engine which provides for best-in-class latency, quality of service (QoS), and endurance for the latest TLC and QLC NAND Flash technologies.

"I am immensely proud of our team's execution and am excited to solve customers' challenges with this market changing solution. We will use this as a baseline to set an even higher bar for our next-generation data center–focused controller, enabling our customers much faster time to market" said Mike Lee, Co-Founder and CEO of TenaFe Inc. "We are grateful for the support of our partners, customers, and investors, all of whom enabled us to accomplish this important milestone."

"PCIe Gen4 DRAMless SSD provides the best cost-performance efficiency and will become the prevailing client storage solution moving forward. TenaFe's TC2200 SSD Controller, with its impressive power and thermal profile, is well positioned to capture the growth in this market," said Greg Wong, President of Forward Insights.

TenaFe will begin sampling to customers in April 2021 in both SDK and FTK formats. For more information about TenaFe and the TC2200, please visit

About TenaFe

TenaFe was founded in 2019 by the founder of Tidal Systems and a team of storage industry veterans. The team has successfully taken multiple storage startups to market. The storage solutions developed by the founding team have been successfully deployed in many products across OEM, data center, and enterprise markets. TenaFe is a global company with offices in Campbell (US), Beijing (China), Shanghai (China), and Hsinchu (Taiwan).

SOURCE Tenafe Inc.

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