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Netac releases new generation PCIe 4.0 SSD, specializing in high-end PC OEM market

From Zhijia Website 2022-01-24

Recently, the well-known domestic storage brand Netac announced the launch of a new generation of PCIe 4.0 SSD. It is reported that the SSD product released this time is NS1T0BSSD610, which is a high-end series for PC OEMs. Equipped with Turner TC2200 PCIe Gen4 DRAMless 12nm process SSD controller, using standard M.2 2280 specification, the interface supports PCIe 4.0*4, NVMe 1.4 protocol. At the same time, it adopts a low-power DRAMless design, and has many functions such as Host Memory Buffer (HMB), hierarchical power management, end-to-end data protection, and data encryption.


The TC2200 controller uses Tenafe's self-developed error correction engine called FlexLDPC, which is optimized for the latest TLC and QLC NAND flash technology to reduce latency, improve quality of service (QoS) and service life. Turner's self-developed FlexLDPC error correction engine has ultra-high error correction capability, occupies very small area resources, can support Bit Granularity Parity, can easily adapt to various NAND, and provide customers with optimal performance and long-lasting stable performance .


In terms of appearance, this SSD is dressed in tough armor. The main color of silver and black shows composure, while the surface like fins does not hide its sharpness. The two completely different styles are skillfully blended together, which makes people shine. The thick vest and intelligent temperature control make it not much better in terms of heat dissipation, which can quickly relieve the high heat state and keep the SSD efficient at all times.

In terms of performance, domestic YMTC 128-layer 3D TLC NAND particles are used, and the SSD capacity includes 512GB and 1TB. The read and write performance of the series products can be as high as 4.8GB/s and 4.6GB/s. The mean time between failures of the equipment is 200w hours, and it provides a three-year warranty service.


Crystal Disk Mark 



Tenafe, whose full name is "Beijing Tenafe Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.", was established in 2019 by Mr. Mike Lee, a storage industry veteran, and a number of experienced storage industry experts. TenaFe's current main business is the overall solution of the main control chip for solid-state drives, and the core product is the TC2200 PCIe Gen4 DRAMless solid-state drive controller.


NS1T0BSSD610 main parameters:

Host Interface:

PCIe Gen 4 x 4

NVMe 1.3c, capable to support NVMe 1.4

Formfactor: M.2 2280

Capacity: 512GB/1TB



Sequential Read: 4800MB/s

Sequential Write: 4500MB/s

Random Read: 500K IOPS

Random Write: 500K IOPS

MTBF: 2,000,000 hours

TBW (Max capacity): 600TB

Operating Temperature: 0℃~70℃

Storage Temperature: -40°C-85°C

UNH IOL authoritative certification:

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