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2022 Thor | TenaFe Fan Party Shenzhen ended successfully

Posted on Beijing - 2022-05-14

Recently , the " Thor | TenaFe Players Alliance Fan Party" jointly created by Thor and TenaFe was held in Shenzhen, where there are many players. It created an extremely interactive Party feast for nearly 100 fans and enjoyed the interaction with players. Fun and technology experience. As heavyweight storage industry chain partners , YMTC and Jintike also attended the event and delivered keynote speeches. 


At this event, it was revealed that Raytheon will launch a new product series T-Book16 all-rounder, and showed the high-performance gaming laptop 911 Air, of which the 911 Air is partially equipped with the Merak TC2200, the main control chip of TenaFe SSD, which is specially designed for high-end high-end gaming laptops. PCIe GEN4 main control chip designed for notebook computers. 


During the event, Xiu Chen, General Manager of TenaFe China, introduced the company's philosophy, shared the experience accumulated by TenaFe over the years in the storage field, and introduced the use of TenaFe TenaFe master SSD in high-end games . tuning done in the field. 


The high-performance new gaming notebooks exhibited by Raytheon at this event use SSDs with PCIe4.0 high-performance interfaces and low-power DRAMless designs with Host Memory Buffer (HMB), hierarchical power management, end-to-end data protection, Data encryption and many other functions. The SSD adopts the long-term flash memory particle X2-9060 Xtacking, the flash memory interface rate is up to 1600MT/s, and the overall performance of the SSD device is up to 4.8GB/s, which is twice or several times higher than the performance of traditional SATA and the previous generation PCIe3.0. Gamers bring a fast and smooth new experience. 

Mr. Xiu Chen also shared TenaFe 's quality control in the OEM SSD field and the overall EVT/PVT verification process.

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As the initiator of the party, Li Xin, the founder and user interaction director of Raytheon , shared the latest trends of Raytheon products with fans at the beginning, and reviewed Raytheon's breakthroughs and achievements in user experience and products. The fans present also actively participated in the interaction, sharing the past stories with Thor, and the atmosphere at the scene rushed to a climax. It is understood that the "Thor Players Alliance Fan Party" has lasted for 5 years. Based on nine core online positions including Weibo, WeChat, Zhihu, Tieba, and the Thor community, it has linked nearly 100 offline meetings in the same city, detonating more than The interaction of 23 million brand fans in the community fully demonstrated Thor's pursuit of attitude and brand temperature.


TenaFe partner Jintike introduced the company's development, as well as the three major consumer storage products of Zhanhu, Speedhu and Iwor to invited guests and fans, and introduced Z3, G3, G4 overclocked RGB memory and Speed ​​Tiger TP3500Pro TP5000 high-speed solid state drive. Among them, the TP5000 high-speed solid-state drive used in some products of Raytheon's high-performance gaming laptop 911 Air was introduced. This product uses TenaFe TC2200 controller and adopts NVMe1.4 interface protocol, up to 4.8GB/ The high-speed SSD with s interface bandwidth brings customers the ultimate system response experience during the game.

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TenaFe, as a high-end SSD storage solution provider, has been deeply involved in the SSD field for several years and has mastered the core technology of master firmware.

TenaFe will continue to make efforts in the fields of consumer, mobile and data centers; TC2200 has been successfully mass-produced in major module factories in mainland China, and the project of internationally renowned module factories is progressing smoothly and is expected to be mass-produced in Q4;  TenaFe plans to launch a new generation of PCIe GEN4 main control chip this year, with read and write performance reaching 7GB/s, maintaining a leading position in the market; for the data center field, TenaFe TenaFe expects to launch PCIe GEN5 master control next year , with read and write performance reaching 7GB/s. 14GB/s, the current data center chip has been successfully Design In well-known enterprise-level SSD provider.

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